Ice Cold Chocomelo

  • $25.00

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My friend has purchased this cake and it has changed my life! It really is cozy and seems so genuine and home made! Caramel was delicious and not too sweet at all and the chocolate cake wasn’t dry or over the top! Could not compliment it enough!

Niki Romeo

Loved this cake, it was moist and we enjoyed the sweet caramel on top. Balances out with the chocolate cake just right! Great choice for a sweet tooth. Will be trying other cakes in the future.

Sara Amin

It was not moisture . The chocolate cake was not fresh and moist, the caramel on top of the cake was so sweet .

Hi Sara, we are very sorry the cake was not as you expected. The moistness and swetness could have been either a less than perfect batch (our mistake) or personal taste. If you come to the shop again, we would be happy to offer some tasting and clear the doubt :). As for the freshness, we can guarantee 100% all our cakes are always fresh as they are all baked in store and displayed for sale never longer than 24 hours, and they do stay fresh for at least 4-5 days after they leave the shop. We really appreciate your feedback and will review if anything could have gone wrong in the morning your cake was baked. We hope to see you again for some tasting!!!!