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Lockdown Pickup or Delivery

Cozy Cake will be open this Friday only, 23rd July.

• Pick ups from 10am to 1pm. Only one customer will be allowed in the shop at a time. When you come for your pick up, please wait outside if there is another customer inside the shop.
• Deliveries will be made from 1pm to 6pm. Please leave a bag or container by your doorstep so we can drop off your cake and just ring the bell to let you know the cake has been delivered.
• We can only take orders through the website. There will not be any cakes available at the shop other than those ordered on the website.
• Orders will be accepted until 11:59pm today, Thursday 22nd July.
• Our delivery area was, exceptionally this Friday, extended to the beaches on the west side of the CBD, in addition to the areas regularly covered. Please check on the website if delivery is available to your area.
• Our menu is a bit more restricted too. We only have 19 options available instead of the regular 28 options.

Too many rules? Definitely! Who ever thought that buying a cake would be so complicated? And we do apologize for all the complexity. But I guess extreme times require extreme measures?

We hope this will make your lockdown weekend a bit more pleasant and that we all come out on the other side strong, healthy and ready to rock and roll again!

Stay Safe!



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Dairy Free

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Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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Cozy Customers

A taste of great moments and feelings!!

Love your cakes! Ordered a churro, polenta and carrot cake for my daughter’s second birthday and everyone loves them!! 😋😋

Maria Anna

Delicious, traditional Brazilian recipes, freshly baked. Highly recommended!

Juliana Bernardi Munro

Thank you for the delicious cakes! Absolutely everyone at the office loved them!

Storm Harding

Polenta Cake is the best! I'm from Brazil, and it took me back home, thanks!

Victor Fonseca

Thank you for the delicious cakes! They were a huge hit with our family today ❤🐰😋

Melanie D'Ambrosio

Thanks for a beautiful and delicious cake today. Our guests loved it!! ❤

Stephany Luize

Oh my goodness, so tasty! Loved every mouthful. Thank you so much! I’ll be back for more 💚

Yvonne Cowan

So Tasteful and Delicious cake. A little of a Brazilian taste in Australia!😋

Marcella Meneguello

Homemade, tasty and no nasties! The best!!!!

Samara Ribeiro

Amazing cakes & great staff!!

Andre Selga Alvarino

Keep it Fresh

You will always get a very fresh cake, baked never more than 24h from pick up or delivery.

All Cozy Cakes are made with natural ingredients, no preservatives and no syrup. They remain fresh for 3-4 days in room temperature.

And if you want to keep it fresh a little longer, all you need to do is keep it inside a well sealed plastic container! You will have a tasty and moist Cozy Cake for up to 5-6 days. Enjoy it!

Taste the Fresh!