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Reuse your Cozy Cake Box and get 1 sticker for every time you reuse the same box. After 4 stickers you get a Cozy Cake for free!

Everybody wins: we save on boxes, you get more value for your money and together we reduce the waste in our community by 80%, so the future generations also win.

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Keep it Fresh

You will always get a very fresh cake, baked never more than 24h from pick up or delivery.

All Cozy Cakes are made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, no syrup and no pre-mixes. We bake all cakes from scratch, just like grandma always did.

Your cake will be fresh for 3-4 days. But if you want it to stay fresh a little longer, just keep it inside a well sealed plastic container! You will have a tasty and moist Cozy Cake for up to 5-6 days.

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Reuse your Cozy Cake box 4 times and get a FREE CAKE!

Our goal is to reduce the waste by incentivising our customers to reuse the same box 5 times whenever possible.

We understand that reusing the same box may not be possible or convenient under many circumstances. And that's fine, nothing is perfect! But we sure can take one little step at a time and, together, make them go a very long way!

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